time to say goodbye

when i started this webspace in 1996 (20 years ago!) many thing were diffeent (even the url).

most of the thing we give for granted today weren't there at all.

the word blog was yet to be invented (though, i was blogging since then), if you want to search for something you would use AltaVista and, if you want to connect to the internet, you'd use your modem (56 kbps was a bliss!) and, you'd surf the web using Netscaape Navigator.

downloading something as trivial (today) as 1 MB, was a thing you left to do "at night" and so on... (i can write 50 pages of bad literature about how things were different back then)

thus, to sum up, the world has changed a lot, and so did i.

so, i'm no longer keepping this site up to date.

so, i feel it's more honest to "close it down" and let you go to my photography site (or, to my scrapbook), which i do keep updating.

if you'd like to enter the old site (for reference only), you can do so by clicking here (please be warned that it may mot function in full).

i'd be lying if i said i don't feel a little sadness by doing this, but, one have to face the music and move on...

so, thank you for all this time and, please, do keep visiting my new ventures...

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